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Our story

How it began

In 2012, the owner of the only grocery store in the village of Moonbeam, L & E Léonard Inc., announced that without a buyer, the establishment would be closing its doors in August 2012. Seeing that they were about to lose its only grocery store, Moonbeam citizens came together to found a co-operative to acquire the Business. Citizens showed an unprecedented solidarity and in the period of just over three months the amount required to acquire the grocery store was collected.


In October 2012, at the foundation meeting, a board of directors (the “Board”) [note to draft: link to past board of directors] was elected. The Board filed the articles of incorporation and deposited an offering statement with the Financial Services Commission of Ontario.


The Co-op took possession of the Business on June 7, 2013, one year after the citizens started this amazing adventure of taking the survival of their village in their own hands.


The Co-op continues to serve the population of Moonbeam and surrounding areas. The Co-op promotes the sale of local products when possible.


The patrons of the Business are entitled to a friendly, courteous, respectful and smiling service.


It is possible that in the future, the Co-op may undertake other commercial activities.


Currently, the Co-op has over 800 members.

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