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We have a wide variety of products. Browse the list below to learn more about the products and services offered at your Épicerie coop Grocery.

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Local and regional

Take advantage of the variety of regional products and place a special order. To know more, click here.

for rent

The Co-op’s building contains 2 residential units. Both are currently rented.

Fruits and vegetables
On the go
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You are in a rush and need something to eat? We offer a variety of salads, dips and fruits on the go.

What would a grocery store be without a variety of fruits and vegetables? We have them here!  Peppers, carrots, celery, broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, mushrooms, strawberries, apples, bananas, oranges, etc.

You want some? You are served! 

Meat and deli
Dairy product
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L’Épicerie Coop Grocery stands out for the quality of its meat. Our butcher prepares nice cuts of meat and fresh ground meat daily. Whether for a raclette, fondue, spaghetti sauce, a BBQ, a festive dinner or just a regular meal, our meat is ready to be enjoyed! We also have a nice variety of deli meats for sandwiches, lunches or just a snack.

You will find in our refrigerators all the dairy products you will need. Milk produced in Northern Ontario, yogurts, creams, sour creams and cheeses. We even have the famous cheese to roast on the BBQ, Petit Québec cheeses, Thornloe curd cheese and local cheeses from Fromagerie Kapuskoise. 

Cereal Products
Frozen food
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Breads, cereals, tortillas, ingredients to bake your desserts, we have a bit of everything. Every Friday, we sell fresh breads and desserts from the Kapuskasing Bakery. Come see us to place a special order. 

We have a nice selection of frozen food. Pizzas, chicken fingers, frozen meals, ice cream and much more! We also carry the popular Cowboys Steak!  

Canned food
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A Campbell’s soup? Meatballs in gravy Cordon bleu? A fruit salad? Pastas? Crackers? Don’t panic, if the aliens land, you will be ready!

What do you take in your burger? Mustard, ketchup, relish, mayo? We have a good selection of spices, sauces, marinades, spreads and jams.

Sweet and salty
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Do you like sweet and salty as much as we do? If so, you will be happy to find on our shelves chips, candies, chocolates, nuts, cookies and desserts. 

Juice, pop, coffee, tea, bottled water, we have all the beverages you need to refresh or warm up your throat.

Miscellaneous articles
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You will find on our shelves cleaning products, disposable containers and utensils, some pharmaceutical products, some personal care products, some office supplies, and food, accessories and treats for you furry friends.

Campers and party goers, we have ice cubes and ice blocks for your coolers.

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